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The Glaro Regal Bellman Cart
"6 Wheel Deluxe Bellman Carts"

The Hotel Cart Designed to Coordinate with YOUR Decor!


"What is unique about this cart is not so much its ease of movement and load capacity, but the subliminal confidence it instills in your guests.
These carts tell your guest that you take their visit (and their luggage) seriously."


Glaro Regal Bellman Cart You Get

Hotel Cart Blue


Just One Chance to Make a Good First Impression…


Have the bellhop greet your guests with a cart that shows that you care about them and their belongings.
Let them know that you welcome and appreciate their business!


Glaro Six Wheel Bellman Carts will Out-Perform Any Conventional Luggage Cart...
...Two Center Pivot Wheels Make the BIG Difference!



The Big Cart that also works in Tight Spaces...
This six-wheel design (4 swivel corner wheels and 2 fixed center wheels) enables you to maneuver this 48 inch cart as if it were only 24 inches long. Other Hotel Carts and Luggage Carts need rear wheel clearance before they can enter a room or an elevator, while these Bell Carts only require a few inches before they are able to make the same turn.

New Look that Coordinates with YOUR Decor
As with all Glaro Products, these Bellman Carts are quality manufactured with a No Compromise, No Maintenance finish. Our Satin Brass is formulated so that it CANNOT TARNISH! These elegant carts will add a "Touch of Class" to any establishment, showing that you care to own the very best.

Three Hanger Bars, Four Double Hooks and Extra High Side Rails
You'll be ready for just about anything with this "Full Featured" Deluxe Bellman Cart.

Carries 150% More Weight
The Six, Eight Inch Diameter, Ball Bearing, Pneumatic tires on a Steel Chassis can quietly carry 150% more weight than conventional four wheel bellman carts.


Normal Loads Feel 50% Lighter
These bellman carts can be maneuvered easily with less inertia or tilting because there is more wheel surface supporting your load. "Normal" loads are 50% easier to manipulate than conventional four-wheel bellman carts.


Unbelievable Maneuverability
Maneuverability is unbelievable. Glaro bellman carts are much easier to control when space is limited because of the 6 wheel advantage.


Competitively Priced
These bellman carts are priced lower, saving you money now! They are also manufactured to last longer to keep saving money in the future!


A Smooth Quiet Ride
Never disturb your guest again. The six Glaro Glider, Eight Inch Diameter, Ball Bearing, Shock Absorbing "Air Filled" tires, maneuver smoothly and quietly, even on hard floor surfaces.


No Front... No Back, Both Ends are the Same
Glaro Bellman Carts have no front and no back. The luggage cart is easily controlled from either side and can be pushed or pulled with total control, making it easier to turn corners without bumping walls. Get in and out of elevators or tight places with ease.


Carpeting is durable polypropylene that can be customized and/or replaced in the field when and if desired. Choose from eight carpet colors, black wheels/bumper with a Satin Brass Trim.


...And More
The extra thick, solid, waterproof exterior plywood deck will endure use and abuse. Edges are protected with matching, finished extruded metal trim and a thick, non-scuff soft rubber bumper that protects your walls, furnishings and the cart itself.


black cart
Blue Cart

To Order Please Specify:
1) Quantity
2) Rail Color with Satin Brass Accents
3) Carpet Color

Black Wheels and Bumpers

List Price: $2150.00


Rail Color




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